Local SEO Wales

local SEO walesHere’s something that will help if you have a business that is reliant on local trade, then you need a website that will target local people. Local SEO will help you to get your site to the top of the search listings when you take these things into consideration. As with everything else online these days, we talk primarily about Google and it’s influence even on the local search listings.

Local SEO – Google Plus Business (Formerly Google Places)

With it’s attempt to compete more with the social media giant Facebook, Google has dropped the “places” handle and driven the emphasis towards Google plus. If you have a Google plus personal profile, then you will be able to add a page that will be just for your business.

Your new Google Plus Business page, just as the old Places listing, will provide a natural search relevance ranking and place your site based on ratings as well as search content relevance. You still get the placement on Google Maps and the relevance of where you business is and the information you place on local directories must be congruent to your Google listing. That means whatever contact information, company address and the like you enter into your Google Business Page, you need to keep this information for EVERY directory. This helps with the increased relevance of your business and the location to be ranked accordingly. Google Plus is great for local business, and when local SEO is done effectively you can get top rankings much easier than expanding to a national or international level.

Local SEO – Bing Local Listings

local SEOIn much the same way as Google, Bing has it’s own version of maps and local business listings. If you want to get onto the Bing listings you would still need to keep your information congruent with Google’s listing. You will similarly be placed on a map that will show where your business is situated and the contact details you list.

Is your SEO and online marketing campaign set up properly so you can take full advantage of your local opportunities? Do you have a Google Plus Business page? With an increasing number of Google searches aimed at generating local performance (not forgetting Bing too), then local SEO is an important thing to have in place. Make sure that whoever does your SEO sets your site up for local as this will be easier to rank for.

If you don’t have a clue whether you’re set up for local SEO effectively, contact your current SEO expert, or alternatively set up a free consultation with me HERE.