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Why Local SEO Strategies Are Good For Your Business

It’s baffling to me why some people who are starting to take their business online seem to totally ignore local rankings.

They seem to be fully focused on getting to as many people as they can and yet they don’t consider local people who are looking online for solutions and need their help. I have seen this happen a lot with network marketers who are starting out online. They believe that they have “exhausted” their local market, when they more than likely have not. Using some good local SEO strategies will not only help to reach out to these people, but help to build up authority in a new site as well. Add this to the fact that local SEO is a lot easier to get rankings with, you as the business owner could really see some benefits. Taking everything into account, being able to find a local target market is easily as good as finding the wider market. In some ways better because you can have local meetings and do one to one trainings rather than having to do everything online. The personal touch can prove to be so much better when you are “physically” there. In the case of a network marketer for instance, knowing there is someone close by who can help and maybe have a coffee with in an informal meeting is good for a lot of people too. Having the opportunity for personal interaction in the same room is why live events are so powerful. When you go to a live event, don’t you feel really “pumped up”? I know I do. Imagine being able to create this because you are doing what few others are doing – connecting with your local market!

Yes, it’s good to have online meetings, but personal interaction is so much better don’t you think?

Business needs good local seo strategies

Strategies For Local SEO That Help Build Authority

When working with local SEO, one obvious thing springs to mind about getting authority links. This is a natural and very important part of strategies in local SEO. You will be tasked with getting what are known as citations from local directories. Considering that these can include Hot Frog, Yell.com, Yelp and other high authority websites, you will be getting these links from authority sources as a “matter of course”. Providing you can prove you have a local business providing a service of some kind to the local community, you can be accepted into the search engines as a local business and then it’s just the number of citations you can get to start your journey. Of course, there is a little more to being able to rank and getting into the famous Google “7 pack”, but the citations are a good start. Social media is another great source of high authority linking. As a local, national or international business, the social media aspect is one of the most important parts of marketing these days. And because you can include your address and phone number as well as website, they prove to be a fantastic citation too.

Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Local Rankings

As you build your site authority, you can extend out to a wider audience by virtue of the building authority you have from getting the local rankings and the authority links from the local directory sources. Learning local SEO is one way to move forward and it is a lot easier to rank locally because there are generally fewer people looking for your service, the typical business SEO targets will not include keywords with lower numbers of searches. This could be because they are after “volume” of sales rather than finding the extremely targeted people you are looking to attract. Sometimes 20 searches a month could yield you more success than several thousand. Don’t dismiss this because you don’t know who is seeing your marketing message. With the emergence of the IFTTT (If This Then That) service and the opportunities to be able to use that to share your content through the main social media channels on “auto pilot”, looking at local rankings as a stepping stone to greater things surely has to make sense. Using local strategies to help grow your website authority and to potentially pick up some local interest in your business will prove to be something you will be glad you did, more especially if your team grows or your sales improve. When you have authority in your locality, it’s easier to grow that authority to international because your site will have trust from the public and the search engines too. Good luck and go crush it in your locality.

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