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Local Google Domination Training Course

Local SEO Domination

Imagine YOUR business website at the top of Google.

How many more clients, leads, traffic and income could you generate if you were ranked right at the top of Google when someone in your local area comes to search for your products and services?

What Local SEO and Google Domination Can Do For Your Business

What any business that has a website needs is to get that site in front of people so the business can get more leads, more sales and more profit.

You want to get a website for your business, can see the benefits of having a site, but you have no clue where to start.

The most important part of any decision is begin with the END in mind!

What do you want from a website?

Do you want more leads and sales?

Do you want to generate leads for your business when you’re out with your family without relying on your phone?

Do you want to provide great value to customers and be more accessible to them when you are outside normal trading hours, which is something a website can offer you?

Local Google Domination has been designed to offer you and your business a way to keep costs down and yet be able to achieve the OUTCOME you want from a website.

So, do you employ the services of a web design company, who will do a great job in setting up a website for you, but the cost is outside your budget?

ORdo you learn how to do this yourself and take a gamble on getting it right?

This course will help you to take the gamble out of the equation by teaching you proven techniques that will help you to develop a site that will gain authority and presence so your business is a lasting and profitable one.

You may already have a website and it’s not working to do what you wanted from it, so what are you going to do to achieve the OUTCOME of what you want from that site?

Web pages need to RANK on the first page of Google to be useful to you and your business, otherwise you have just wasted time and money in getting a site developed.

How does it make you feel to have a website that looks the “real deal” and yet you don’t have ANY potential orders generated from it?

Sure, you can spend a lot of money with the pay per click services on Google, Bing or Facebook, but what if you, or someone in your business, knew how to get your site to page ONE of the search listings in your local area so you can DOMINATE your niche and get leads to your business for FREE?

This training will help you to:

DOMINATE Google in your local area

Get more visitors to your website and offers

Get more leads and sales and more profits

Why should you purchase this course?

This course teaches you how to use Google my Business and set it up correctly.

Did you know that the businesses that appear in the top three of the Google Maps Pack get 60% of customers that search for the service or products they offer?

Businesses with good reviews on Google will get the lion’s share of those customers, so ask your customers for a review.

The best thing of all – the traffic you get is FREE!!

Yes, no paid ads and no extra expense.

Get ranked and you can bring in leads and prospects without spending a penny!!

THAT is the MAGIC of Local Google DOMINATION!!!

What will you learn in the Local SEO Domination course?

You will learn how to set up and optimise a Google My Business listing

You will learn how to optimise your website for local search and adding pages to help with relevance

You will learn how to set up and optimise your social media profiles correctly and interlink them to boost your standing in the search engines.

You will learn how to geo-tag and optimise images and videos to add more geo relevance to your business

You will learn how to use Maps to boost your business standing

You will learn how to use Google properties to boost your standing in Google itself

You will learn how to get authority links to your listing and website to power it up in the eyes of Google and other search engines

You will learn what Citations are and what to go after

You will learn how to use schema mark up on your website (actively encouraged by Google)

You will learn how to set up other Maps services to have powerful citations to your website and listing

What people have to say about Barrie Evans Marketing:

Barrie has been fantastic! He has got my website to number one on Google for entrepreneur coaching and I receive far more enquiries through this medium than I ever did before he took over my SEO. I'm extremely happy with the service I have received from him.
Natasha Davies
Because U Can

5 Star Review from Charles Gough

I have been working with Barrie for several months now and the service is first rate. My listings have grown and risen up the search engines naturally all the way. Recommended.

5 Star Review from Dania Martine

I'm so happy I contacted Barrie Evans Marketing. The professional and personal approach was great and I not only got what I needed with their services, ie a top position in my local Google, I learned a lot too. Highly recommended!


I have spent hours of painstaking research on this subject. I have adopted these techniques for clients and my own business and are seeing better results for each. The course consists of short, concise videos that you can work with Step by Step. I try to keep everything simple without “tech speak” so that you understand what to do and why it’s beneficial for you to do it.

So, what does this cost?

I could say it’s $1997, but I’m not going to say that because what is the point of telling you to save money and ask you for a huge sum of money?

Believe me, I know how it’s sometimes a struggle to run a small local business, so I think I have been reasonable by saying this course is well worth $1997 (probably 3 times that!), but I am going to let you have it for:

JUST $397.00!!!

Yes, you will get a MASSIVE 80% discount from what I should really be charging for this course!

Get your site to the top of Google by taking this course and then adopting the techniques.

Make your site “sticky” on Google by adopting what you learn.

Enrol Now!!