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The Great Tudor Manor With a Ghostly Present - Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Llancaiach Fawr Manor rests with pride, as it has been doing ever since c1550, looking over the Glamorgan Uplands. Go inside the Manor House refurbished and furnished as it was in 1645. Each of the furnishings within the rooms are genuine reproductions of objects from the period of the Prichards.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor was built primarily in 1530 on the location where there sat a previous medieval castle.

Tudor haunted manor house

Colonel Edward Pritchard switched his allegiance in 1645 from the Royalist to the Parliamentarian cause and totally redecorated the inside of the castle. As soon as you enter the castle, it appears very much like it did way back in 1645 - time stands still. In the daytime, you may enjoy a tour with servants dressed up in costumes of the period, offering up all the chitchat about the region, the master himself not to mention any activities that will be taking place in the area.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor has been identified as among the top ten most haunted properties in the United Kingdom. Strange sounds have been heard, distinct fragrances are floating around, and spectral bodies are often mentioned. One ghostly frame is a nineteenth century housekeeper, who may be frequently observed and overheard in the bedroom in which she died. The ghost of a little boy is observed and sensed in an upper chamber where he fell to his death, and a man in deep contemplation, maybe the ghost of Colonel Prichard considering his change of allegiance from king to Parliament?

Royalist or Parliamentarian

Llancaiach Fawr Tudor Manor

Museum: Voted Best Family Attraction in Wales, Llancaiach Fawr reveals exactly what life was like during the time of the English Civil War (1645). Visitors are able to get dressed in period clothes and have a shot at traditional crafts. There is a continuing program of activities geared towards making this difficult time "come alive" for visitors.

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