Local SEO Training

local SEO trainingIf you are on a budget, then local SEO training could be something that benefits you. If you have a person in your company who is responsible for your marketing and they have time to update and do some work on your website, then why not get one to one training so that you can do your website marketing in house? You may be in a situation where you could spend a few hundred as a “one off” on some training and get effective promotion rather than have to pay an ongoing monthly fee that could be more difficult sometimes when cashflow is tight.

Local SEO training could help you to get your business website to the front page of Google without the very costly monthly charges that some SEO companies charge. Then there is the strategies that some companies adopt. I’m not saying that they don’t provide good advice and do good work, but in my experience they don’t always provide the BEST advice for your company, even though they can deliver on the tasks they have agreed with you.

How Can Local SEO Training Help?

Even though they are the major search engines, Google and Bing offer local search options in their set up. Getting your business onto Google Plus for instance with a business page, that is usually attached to a personal profile, is just one way of giving your site more local online presence. Setting up this Google plus profile will help because setting up your business on there will give you access to Google maps and you will more likely show up when someone searches for your type of service in the local area. Bing provides a similar service.

There is a little more to getting ranked than just listing on Google and Bing in this way, but any good local SEO training will include these strategies and methods to help you to get your site ranked.

Local SEO Training Includes Getting Listed In Local Directories.

In addition to listing on Google Plus and Bing local search, you will need to know how to properly get your listing into local directories too. Very often you will use the listing to get the link to your website, but don’t dismiss these listings because people do visit them and you have a chance that these people will contact you.

Again, any local SEO training should include the correct way to do this and the right strategy to do this.

local seo training keywordsThe most important part of any local SEO strategy is finding the RIGHT keywords. If the training doesn’t include this, then it will be worth nothing to you. Understanding how to use high traffic, low competition keywords and beat your local competitors in your niche to the prize of the customer from an internet search is vital.

This is where a lot of companies get it wrong. Even though they have a true target market, they believe their target is EVERYONE, and because of this they are not as specific with their keyword choices that they need to be. This could be the difference between getting found on the first page for your offer or being lost in the oblivion that most sites end up in. Every company needs to identify their specific target market in order to get the best from an online marketing strategy.

Make adjustments to your keywords on times because trends do change. Research your keywords before you create new content so that you are using what is currently popular and yet has a low competition.

Occasionally checking the current search volume of your keywords is a good idea because shifts in search volumes are quite typical.

Using social media is another area that you can take advantage of. Putting a Facebook page up and then promoting it to your customers is a great way to grow your influence and provide updates to your customers on the internet. I’ve discussed the Google Plus option above; and then there is Twitter, which you can similarly set up for your business and promote to your customers in your premises so they can get updates from your tweets.

Local SEO training needs to include all of the items mentioned. Before you take any type of training, make sure you know the content and what areas you’re going to cover to get the best from your marketing.