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Is SEO and Internet Marketing Relevant as a Business to Business Service?

What is the definition of a business to business service? That should answer the question of whether SEO and internet marketing is relevant as a business to business service or not.

Considering what a B2B company is, that would define a business to business service in theory anyway. B2B is where a business trades products or services with another business, i.e. a strictly trade wholesaler selling to a supplier, so that the product can then be sold on to the consumer. Likewise, when a business sells raw materials to a manufacturer so they can make their product and sell on.

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How Does This Fit With Internet Marketing and SEO?

Any SEO and internet marketing service will at some time work with/for a business. If that were to be in building an e-commerce store, or promoting in the case of SEO, then the SEO firm (business) would sell this service to the E-commerce store owner (business) who in turn would sell on to business / customer as appropriate to their marketplace.

Because the online marketing services help the other business to be seen by ranking in the major search engines, this means that the service provided helps business to grow and develop. So, it makes sense that SEO and marketing online is relevant as a business to business service.

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  • A Business to Business service includes an online strategy for development

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